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    People often praise the beauty of human nature, which makes sense, but there are many weaknesses in human nature itself. Exploration and research of human weakness has important implications for human development and the cultivation of virtue.
From ancient Greece, the western scholar have concentrating on humanity, most of them study from the perspective of civilization to reveal and criticize the western society on the destruction of human nature at different levels. Less of them focus on the weakness in human nature.
The emergence of the weakness in human nature, lies in itself is a contradiction of existence and provisions. the people of any kind of affirmative provisions have their negative aspects of reference, or anyone will have their own human virtues, but also his human shortcomings. For example, man is a rational animal, it can create brilliant civilization, but often makes a very irrational thing, its extreme example is the brutal war of injustice. People are the most intelligent, but also often do stupid things. People should be moral, but also the most immoral people. Mr. Lu Xun once said to people, "national deep-rooted bad habits", is to sharply expose and criticize the weaknesses in human nature. However, if we can find a way to overcome the weakness in human nature that will be helpful to the development of human being.
This paper try to reveal the weakness in human nature through a movie, Edward Scissorhands, that people are familiar with it.Through the analysis of the plot of the movie reveals the weakness in human nature in people's daily life. Then put forward some ways to overcome the weakness in human nature.

Chapter One Introduction of Edward Scissorhands And The Director

If someone want to tell a truth, a simple explanation is hard to convince other people. What he need to do is through a specific thing with examples to explain it so that others will truly understand and believe what he said is true. As a matter of fact, the weakness in human nature is a abstract thing that can not simply rely on the terms of the explanation. It needs to explain with examples of life to explain it clearly. Therefore, this paper through the plot of Edward scissorhands to reveal the weakness in human nature.

1.1 Introduction of Edward Scissorhands

This is a common but unusual love fairy tale. It is common because it took place in a ordinary place as we live, the characters in the film is the ordinary people as we are, the plot of the film is similar to our daily life. However, it is unusual because the protagonist of the story is a robot with a pair of scissors, it is difficult to have an inventor can make a real person like him in reality.
The film begins with an old women telling her granddaughter the story of where the snow comes from. by telling her the story mainly about a kind human-like boy who has a pair of scissors.A long time ago, a great inventor lived in the castle, he invented sorts of things.One day ,he wants to give a heart to a robot and wants he can live as a real man. The inventor poured all his efforts on making Edward be a man with no difference, he taught Edward human manners and poetry, and told him when to smile and when to be silent. However,the inventor suffered a fatal heart attack and died before he could give real hands to Edward and leave him the human mind, man's appearance, a pair of scissors hand .
The day after years,local Avon saleswoman Peg accidentally enter into the castle and see lonely Edward. She was sympathetic to Edward's experience, so he decided to take Edward home.The town where Peg lives has many widows,those who like to flirt, spy, and people do not want to stir up enmity. Edward's arrival soon caught their attention, and they began to inquire about Edward's affair, and spread rumors. Language and wearing of the female neighbor Joyce fully demonstrated her coquettish, she always wanted to seduce Edward, but never succeeded. Joyce feels angry so that she spreads rumors that Edward raped her. Deepen people's misunderstanding of Edward, and leave a potential problem of Edward's tragic consequences.Finally ,Edward had to stay in the castle for a life time.
Kim,Peg's daughter, is the leading actress in a movie, she is also the narrator of the story. Edward was deeply fascinated by her. Kim's boyfriend, Jim, is a man who is greedy and selfish. Once, Jim and Kim can not enter into house because they forgot to take key out, they asked Edward for help. Jim was so surprised that Edward can easily open the door with a pair of scissorhands. He is greedy for money to by a van, he took advantage of Edward's love for Kim and let Edward go to help them steal money from his parents. Edward accidentally touched the alarm when he opened the door, and he was trapped in the room. Jim is selfish when he heard the alarm knowing that Edward fail to open the door. Jim immediately want to run away, he asked partner to drive away, although Kim asked to save Edward, Jim determined to escape for his own sake.
Edward was put out in the end, but the news that he was arrested because of stealing money has spread in the town, people began to worry about whether he will steal their money and plus about Edward before the rape of the Joyce thing, the people in the town began to have a prejudice against Edward. On Christmas Eve, Kim's family was preparing for Christmas, and Edward carved a dancing angel ice sculpture with Kim as a model, the shavings create an effect of falling snow. Kim feels very happy,she is dancing in the snow. Edward accidentally hurt Kim when Jim is just to see. He accused Edward intentional injury Kim. Because of the bad events that Edward had done, people easily believe in the words of Jim, they want police to catch Edward. Edward finally had to run back to the castle. From then on, Edward never leave the castle. From that year, the town will snow every year.

1.2 Introduction of the director

    Tim Burton is not only an outstanding director,but also an excellent producer, artist, writer, and animator. He is famous for his unique film style and best grotesque figures, fantasy stories and quirky Gothic atmosphere, a ministry of magic or monster movie, is known as the "Wizard".He made so many films such as the horror comedy fantasy Beetlejuice (1988), the romantic dark fantasy Edward Scissorhands (1990), the musical fantasy-thriller The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993), the comedy-drama biopic Ed Wood (1994), the fantasy adventure Sleepy Hollow (1999), the animated fantasy Corpse Bride (2005), the musical horror film Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007), the horror comedy Dark Shadows (2012) and the animated horror comedy Frankenweenie (2012). He is also known for blockbusters such as the adventure comedy Pee-wee's Big Adventure (1985), the superhero films Batman (1989) and its first sequel Batman Returns (1992), the sci-fi film Planet of the Apes (2001), the musical adventure film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005) and the fantasy film Alice in Wonderland (2010), which garnered a worldwide gross of over $1 billion, being Burton's most successful film to date.
    He has achieved great success in the film field, but people will never think of such a famous director will have a closed and lonely childhood life and he was immersed in his own small world, only through painting to express his views of life and the world. Until he got a scholarship at the California Institute of art, which was used to help young people to help them achieve their dreams. Then he began to officially become the Disney animators, after becoming a director. Tim Burton is keen to portray dislocation, good at the use of symbols and metaphors, often with black humor, unique perspective.
    He directed so many movies ,but it is generally believed that Tim Burton's most important film was Edward scissorhands. Although the film is about a love story, but Tim Burton has his unique perspective, sound and light composition and special effects to make the film impressed, Tim Burton seems to have begun to show off from only to pay attention to the psychological activities of the characters ,Edward's mental activity is the best evidence.


Chapter Two Weakness in Human Nature in The Film

What is human nature? Human nature is basically the very ground of every development of man. that is the basic spiritual attributes of human. All the phenomena of human society maps for the basic human nature.That is to say, the human nature controls the development of the society and determines the pace of human progress. The Strengthen of human nature will promote the development of human,but the weakness of human nature will hinder the progress of mankind.So we must think of ways to overcome these weaknesses such as greed,selfish in human nature.

2.1Greed In Human Nature

Democritus says if animal needs some thing,it knows the extent and quantity of what it needs,but mankind doesn't. This is the greed of human nature, is the weakness in human nature. Greed is to pursue something, even if it already has, never feel satisfied. People are always greedy , whether in the past or now, people are the same,what they want never be enough, nothing can stop them from wanting to get more. Although they have more than enough, they still want more. Greed at a certain limitation is the normal expression of human nature and it will not hurt the society and other persons' profits. But if we permit our greedy desire to enlarge freely without any rest restrain,it will go too far and even result in crime and murder. Greed is an entirely different beast. Normal wants and desires are like a campfire to cook food while greed is a blazing inferno that consumes a forest. Greed is dangerous and destructive it is desire out of control.
Whether in real life or in the movie plot, many crimes are caused by the greed in human nature. Many people steal and rob because of the greed for money. Many people are rude because of greed for Manipulation. Many people suffer from the hidden rules because of greed for lust. So absolutely do not look down upon a small weakness, because it brings the destructive power beyond your knowledge. In Edward Scissorhands, because of the greed in human nature, indirectly causing Edward's crime, and even make Edward had to return to the castle and live alone for a lifetime. 

2.1.1Greed for Money

    The apostle Paul, in his first letter to his young disciple, Timothy, had this to say: "For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs”. People are increasingly eager for money. The pursuit of money seems to have become a kind of instinct. However, having money does not make them meet, they will continue to pursue more money.People are going to commit crimes if they can not get money.
    To commit crimes for money always appear in all kinds of films.The film Edward Scissorhands surely be one of these.Kim and Jim came home from outside without key when Edward happened to come home.Jim was surprised when he saw Edward can open the door with his scissors. And then by the appearance of a scene, Jim tried to convince Kim let Edward go to his home to steal money, even though Kim strongly opposed, Jim is too eager to get the money so that he can by a van and he took all kinds of benefits for persuading she.Finally, the kind Edward was arrested by the police, but Jim escaped. There is a detail in the film, Peg talks about her neighbor who decorated her kitchen and bought lots of new household electrical appliances when they have a meal together, then Jim tells them his father has bought lots of household electrical appliances that sounds very expensive.At last,Peg said with an expression of envy,I want to be rich.
So we can see clearly that Jim is a greedy person.In order to get money he can do anything even to steal money from his parents. He is as timid as a mouse so that he used Edward's love for the Kim to let Edward go for his money.The motive which results from the weakness in human nature---greed--- is usually direct to meet the needs of physical requirement,get material things or pursue sense enjoyment.Jim's characteristic in human nature match that feature.He is desperate for the money to buy a van to meet their material needs.As a matter of fact,There is a detail in the film, Peg talks about her neighbor who decorated her kitchen and bought lots of new household electrical appliances when they have a meal together,then Jim tells them his father has bought lots of household electrical appliances that sounds very expensive.At last,Peg said with an expression of envy, "I would like to be that rich." This sentence is less than 30 seconds,perhaps most people might simply ignore it because they think it's normal, everybody desires it. It is an irresistible desire that people go in for material comforts, which is not only for the needs of people's lives, but also due to the requirements of social development.In fact, the desire become the driving force of the advance of human society, it has effectively promoted people to understand and transform the world. Countless people shed -their blood or laid down their lives to fight with it all their life. But when it became a way to advance their own selfish interests.when unlimited expansion of desires became the only goal in life, people will lost themselves and cast themselves down into the deepest abyss of human misery that ever man fell into..Just like the saying goes "birds die in pursuit of food, and human Beings die in pursuit of wealth". The rulers in order to grab more wealth, luxury and immoral way of life,they exploit and oppress ordinary people, how many people become homeless and wandering from place to place and starved to death.As described in ancient poetry, meat and wine rot within the vermilion gates; corpses freeze out on the street. it's actually the vivid portrayal of the old society. Even in our society today,lots of people still crave for material things seems never satisfied, some of them gain material by fraud and become a man of no scruples, some people betray their conscience, making or selling fake medicine or inferior medicine, Thousands of human perished through their action.What is more, someone greed for the money,they murder and burn, rape and loot.So that word has the ring of truth for some people say that money is the root of all evil.This reminds of Marx in "Das Kapital" quoted the words, these words deeply and vividly reveals the hidden in the capital of greed: Capital fear that no profits or too little, just like in nature, like fear of a vacuum. Once the appropriate profits, capital on the emboldening them. If you have 10% of the profits, it guarantees to be used everywhere; a 20% of the profits, it will become active again; a 50% of the profits, it will take risks; to 100% of the profits, it will dare to trample on all human laws; there 300% of the profits, it will dare to commit any offense.
Greed is an entirely different beast. Normal wants and desires are like a campfire to cook food while greed is a blazing inferno that consumes a forest. Greed is dangerous and destructive it is desire out of control. To be greedy for money in reality means that we surrender our will to it, we make it our master, our god, the thing we serve. Greedy people can never have enough, no matter how much they have, it's not enough, and they live in fear of losing the source of it; just alike an alcoholic, drug addict or gambling addict, greed is a soul sickness. The greedy make a life of getting, taking, scheming, and thinking about how to keep what they have and how to get more - they don't enjoy it because they worry too much about it, it's an every day all day obsession...which causes debts, bankruptcy, divorce, theft, jail, suicide and so on.

2.1.2 Greed for Manipulation

    Controlling desire is one of the primitive instincts of human beings, and everyone wants to control some things or other people.
People tend to be satisfied by relationships, friendships if they enjoy a certain degree of control in their relation/friendships.The first time Edward sat at the table to eat, his scissors hand makes him unable to do like ordinary people to pick up the knife and fork,so it is hard for him to eat food.When Edward tries to eat some food,Kevin keep starring at him.Peg angrily said to Kevin don't starring at Edward and she thinks it is not polite ,but Kevin said he doesn't care. Peg stressed that she cares.This kind of scene is very common in our life, when the child is not obedient, parents will be very angry, they will be very loud to ask the child can not do this, it is not right to do so. Parents like to control children, requiring children to act according to their instructions,and don't think about the child's thoughts.All of these due to their controlling desire.Not only parents want to control their children,but also exist among friends.Edward accidentally touched the alarm and trapped in the home of Jim. Jim wants to run away and leave Edward alone, but Kim doesn't agree. She wants to go back to save Edward. Jim angrily shouts to Kim and requires his company to drive away. It is easy to see that Jim has a strong control over his friends. He does not allow others to resist him.Many people do like him,They always want to control their friends to do what they want to do, and they want their friends to listen to him, rather than against him.If friends are opposed, they will not be satisfied with this relationship and easy to get angry.
    A study conducted by Psychological Science concluded that People crave power as it gives them the ability to do what they want in life. This creates a feeling of authenticity. Powerful people can act like how they desire rather than how they are expected to. Authenticity makes people happy. So they continue to pursue controlling power and try hard to control others. Regardless of the feelings of the people being controlled. Parents do not care what their children really need, but what they think their children need. To impose their own views on the child, do not care about children' understanding, or whether to accept it or not. Never reflect on the question whether it appears on their own, but the child is absolutely required to obey. The relationship between friends seems to be the relationship between slaves and slave owners, or the relationship between the upper and lower levels.Greed for controlling power is never be a good thing for people,it would only make the family and friendship rupture.

2.1.3 Greed for Lust

Lust, is undoubtedly a major weakness of human beings, for the pursuit of lust is also reflected in the movie.Joyce is an aging,coquettish housewife in the Beg' s neighborhood.She likes to tease men with her charm.She is always flirting with the repairman when he helped her to repair the sewer; At the reception, she and other neighbors to discuss Edward and said some sex jokes; While Edward was giving her a haircut, she made a sound like she was having sex; When Edward came to the town, she has become fascinated with Edward and suggests that Edward open a hair-cutting salon with her. While examining a proposed site, she attempts to seduce him in the back room, causing Edward to leave in a panic.Whether speaking manner, facial expressions, dress or behavior, all let people know she was particularly sensuality. Her desire for lust all the time.
Lust has as its focus pleasing oneself, and it often leads to unwholesome actions to fulfill one's desires with no regard to the consequences.In the following plot of the film, Edward refuses her seduce, so she slander Edward raped her,and caused Edward to fall into trouble.Eventually, Edward had to flee the District, and to start a person's lonely life again. People must pay attention to the tragic fate of Edward as a cause of lust. A lot of people who have been hurt because someone greed for lust, especially women. Women are vulnerable groups, especially in the workplace. There are a variety of kinds of hidden rules, one of which is to have sex with others. The cause of this hidden rule is the desire of lust. Hidden rule is a challenge to the formal system,under the circumstance of it, people begin to doubt whether it is useful to work hard, and it will not be conducive to the development of the country and society, bring a lot of adverse consequences.

2.2 Selfishness in Human nature 

Selfish refers to the individual when faced with their own interests conflict with each other, it will not count the loss of the other, mainly to meet their own interests; In addition, they usually perceive their behavior could hurt the interests of others, but still according to their own interests unscrupulous. Selfishness in human nature is reflected in every aspect of our lives, mainly reflected in their thoughts and in the external material needs. Selfish people always stick to their own point of view, they will not consider the feelings of others, even angry to the different views from others. And the pursuit of material is exposed their inner thoughts,they will first take into account the feelings of their own to meet their material needs, in the pursuit of material things, they are usually not to consider the feelings of others. There is a typical selfish character in the movie named Jim, his performance in the film strongly showed us what is selfishness.

    Most people understand that the word "selfish" is used to describe others, but few people use the word to describe themselves. Because most people only see the weakness of others while ignoring their own whether to have this weakness. Have seen the film, you can find that there is a typical selfish character in the movie named Jim, his performance in the film strongly showed us what is selfishness. He is selfish to ask all the people to act according to his plan, and when a problem occurs he only care about himself never consider others.

2.2.1 selfishness from Extreme Ego

Edward and Peg were invited to attend a local television interview. An audience asked Edward whether he has a girlfriend, Kim, Jim and Kevin are watching the show. Jim suddenly asks Kim:"sure he does,right,Kim?" Kevin repeat what Jim said and laugh at Kim,that make Kim feel angry and let Jim stop making fun of her. Jim gives Kevin a pat without hesitate and say:"knock it off,bubble-butt." Kevin argue with him,and say:"you did it." Jim speak loudly and cruelly, "so?" Jim only consider his own feeling and does what he want to do, but do not allow Kevin to do the same. This is a typical performance of extreme ego. From another event can be seen as Jim is selfish. If this conversation can not be a sufficient evidence, the following scenario can be completely convinced. When the host ask Edward, "How about it, Edward? Is there some special lady in your life?" Edward could not help looking at photography as if looking at Kim. And Kim is also looking Edward in front of the TV, as if nothing can stop them from looking at each other. Edward moved slowly to the microphone to answer the question of the host, but his scissorhands accidentally cut wire, causing a panic. Jim and Kevin have a loud laugh. Kim shout to Jim with unbelievable: why are you laughing? He got hurt!" But Jim seem to never care about it and say:"it was just a little shock,what do you care?" Kim feels it's not to believe that he's going to answer in this way,and Jim adds:"i wish we had been taping that, i would give my left nut to see that again."What he said makes Kim feel unbelievable. when somebody hurt how can the witness look on with folded arms, but someone who is extreme ego just like Jim. What's more, when Edward is trapped by the automatic locks triggered by the alarm, everyone except Edward flees. In the car, they had a heated argument, Kim ask the driver to turn around, however, the driver refuse it without hesitation.Kim trying to persuade Jim it's your house,they can't arrest you for setting off your own alarm.we'll just tell them we freaked and ran.but Jim say directly,"i' m not going back there." Kim insist to go back, Jim persist that: "no, because my father would prosecute." and promising somewhat menacingly to Kim:"if Edward tells i will kill him."
One person who take for granted that he can do but stop others do; when find someone hurt, what he wants to do is not to help, but nothing, even taunt; When someone is in trouble for him, his first thought is not to save his companion,but escape.Such a person is a person of extreme ego. This kind of people are self-centered, subjective. They hope everyone according to their instructions, and want others not disobey his commands. When someone does not act as they want, they will be angry and even violent. Thinking about things mainly in their own interests, seldom think of others. They do not respect other people's personality, and lack of care and understanding of others. They don't allow others to point out their shortcomings and deficiencies, when people touch it, it will give them bring great harm, causing their dissatisfaction and resentment. This kind of people are very easy to produce the ideology of vengeance, and do harm to others and social.

2.2.2 Selfishness from Material Profit

Jim's father,he never officially appeared in the movie, but the the audience can clearly recognize that he is a kind of person, a completely selfish old miser. In the film more than once from the perspective of others to describe how selfish he is. When beg ask Jim,"didn't you just tell me your mom had her kitchen done too?" the answer of Jim is "yeah, my dad bought himself a bunch of new toys, big-screen TV, CD players,VCR with four head, well they keep things locked up,may father his own room for his stuff to make sure i can't use it, he won't even help me buy an old car." There is a plot that has been mentioned before. When they left Edward alone and to escape, Kim urged to go back to find Edward, but Jim did not agree, His words are astonishing,"no, because my father would prosecute! Especially his own son!" Jim is particularly excited, and even said that if Edward leaks, he will kill Edward.
    From their conversation, people can know that Jim's family is very rich, or that his father is very rich. At the same time, people can also know that his father is very selfish, especially in the material profit.He is not allowed others to occupy his things, even his son.The selfishness from material profit makes them dealing in micrograms and always suspicious of others. Like Jim's father bought so many senior living things with a lock up, don not allow Jim to use it. He gives his property for a full insurance, and no matter where he goes, he would take the key of the safe-deposit box.They take meticulous care of their own interests,even if there is excess material possessions they would keep it rather than give it to others. That may be the reason for the gap between the rich and the poor.

Chapter Three Methods to Overcome The Weakness in Human Nature

    The weakness in human nature is inherent, it should be said that these weaknesses are reasonable in some degree, it is not possible to completely overcome it.Actually, we can be guided by the two aspects : inside and outside.Inside, strengthen self cultivation and improve personal quality. Outside, strengthen the external function,and regulate and guide.

3.1 Internal self-cultivation

Self-cultivation is not only the growing needs of life, but also the need for training of human personality. It is a starting point of study, be an upright person, do work, and also is the final destination. So people should improve their own self-cultivation, so that it will be helpful to social, family, friends, career. Specifically, it can be done from the following aspects.
First of all, to be broad-minded. This requires people can tolerate the shortcomings of others, encountered trouble can be a very good response, regardless of the personal advantages and disadvantages. If a person is too selfish, only thought of his own interests, and always afraid of others against his interest. never believe that anyone around him or even his son like the father of Jim. This life is very failure, even if he has a lot of money, he will not be happy every day, because he is always worried that someone will come to rob his money. When people face the weaknesses in human nature, people learn to accept it. When someone hates you, you need to take it for a training of your personality, look at the opinions of others wisely, keep a clear head and a good attitude and think about why they would be annoying, Have you done something wrong? Stand in someone else' s point of view to think, the one who hate you dose not feel better. Try to experience the feelings of others, and give a little more understanding, you will become open-minded.
Then view the world through a peaceful attitude. There is a crook in the lot of everyone. It is not easy for each of us to live in the world, there are a lot of frustration in life, however, everyone must face their own life calmly, to do their utmost to prepare for the worst, just for a clear conscience. So, faced with the success of others and honor, do not need to envy, greed, as long as you want to maintain a normal state of mind, With blessings, approved mood to treat. Faced with the ups and downs of life, maintain a positive attitude, do yourself instead of a life with a mask of hypocrisy. There are many troubles and disappointments in each person's life. In many cases, we can not choose the circumstances of life, but we can choose what kind of attitude to face, cherish everything we have now, because this too shall pass.
Finally, steel will power. For each to overcome the weaknesses, they are inseparable from the strong willpower. If there is no strong will, it is easy to be affected by all kinds of temptation. Like greed, if someone want to overcome his own greed, not only need to restrain himself,but also a firm and indomitable willpower to overcome greed. Therefore, to train and steel one's willpower and try to overcome the adverse effects of human weakness. There are a few ways that can help strengthen the willpower: First of all, being proactive, trying to pursue positive and progressive goals, so that it will become a huge force, the initiative can make people overcome weaknesses, and pay their attention to the following days. When faced with the resistance, imagine yourself in overcoming it, and actively engaged in the specific practice of achieving the setting goals. Secondly, be determined to finish it, one can set a deadline for goals, for example, someone want to complete a job, so he need to set a time when he needs to complete it, and urge himself to do things. Thirdly, to change themselves, do not wait for the environment to adapt to their own, rather than their own to adapt to the environment. Fourthly, to pay attention to the spirit. With the faith that if nothing can stand in the way of success, just do it, that is their own war. Last but not least, to adhere to the end, do not easily give up and continue to overcome difficulties and setbacks. Success belongs to the persevering.

3.2 External qualification constrained

    It is human nature to be greedy and selfish, any society and unit, if there is no external force constrained qualification, only depend on each of us conscious to maintain and compliance, the results will not be very ideal. And in general, most people have a psychological fear to life rules, they will consciously force themselves to abide by the rules. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the restraint of the external forces, and to restrict and regulate the weakness in human nature. There is a red light, but also need the police, is this meaning.
    Strengthen the system construction, and regulate the human weakness. As the saying goes, nothing can be achieved without norms and standards, it is the rules under certain conditions to restrict people's behavior. In other words, unveil a new system,to a certain extent, is aimed at the weakness in human nature. Previously seen such a story: During the Second World War, the U.S. production of the parachute qualified rate was 99.9% which means that every one thousand people who participate in a parachute jump will have one person could die.Therefore, the military requirements of the qualified rate of the product must reach 100%. However, the manufacturers are not so impressed, they say, any product can not reach 100% of the pass rate unless there is a miracle. For the manufacturer's attitude, the military has changed the method of testing the quality of the product from the production of each batch of delivery of the parachute to pick out of one, and the manufacturer would be the first use of the parachute, personally jumped down from the plane. After the implementation of this method, a miracle occurred: the failure rate was immediately turned into zero. Let manufacturers first jump, so as to ensure the quality of the parachute, because there is no manufacturers who are willing to become victims of their own products.After reading this story which gave me two implications: one is to develop the system that must to consider to human weakness at the first,what is more important, is to overcome human weakness. It can be said that the system is the product of human weakness. Therefore, strengthening the system construction is an important measure to regulate the human weakness. We should fully understand the human nature, to maintain a clear understanding of human nature, always alert to the weakness in human nature. Another is the system is not static, must continue to adapt to the new situation, the new task of the requirements, for some of the problems of the link and the work of the loopholes, establish and improve the scientific and reasonable concrete, practical system. So, according to the current situation of our team management of some cadres assessment system and the daily work system, it is necessary to revise and improve the current situation according to the current situation.Aiming at some of the problems of the link and the existence of loopholes in the work, establish and improve the scientific and reasonable concrete, practical system.therefore, it is necessary to revise and improve the current situation according to the current situation.
    Strengthen moral restraint, guide human nature.why should strengthen the moral constraints? Because all the people are greed and selfishness, the weakness in human nature. For example, everyone want to make a fortune, does not need to have to worry about food and clothing, live in luxury, have a luxury car, or find someone to help us to wash clothes and cook food, follow their own inclinations to do what you want to do. Some things in the system level, can not play the role in constraints, only can restrict human weakness on the moral level. Morality is different from the system, it is not as rigid as the system, is slightly more gentle restraint. Just like supporting the old man in the family is the individual's moral requirements,and respect for others, is the need of social ethics, the moral is essential for a social and moral education. Therefore, the human weakness also needs the moral restraint. And human nature can also go beyond morality to pursue a more perfect morality. As already discussed, do a person,especially a moral person, is able to use the good of human nature to suppress the evil of human nature, so that the evil of human nature is not shown. Therefore, we must have a higher basic quality in moral,and this is also the important condition of the society in the selection of personnel.

Edward Scissorhands, it is not only a very ordinary movie, but also a microcosm of our most ordinary life. we are living like the character in the movie. The weakness in human nature they epitomized can find in everybody. Not just the selfish and greedy that mentioned in the article, people have other weaknesses such as jealousy and anger. We can easily observe it but also easily to ignore it, so that need someone to clearly point it out. The weakness of the people in the daily life has been affecting people's life. It has been found that the weakness of the human nature has adopted a negative attitude, people are not to solve it even sit idly by, ignoring the harm brought by these weaknesses and influence it brings which is not only related to personal daily life, but also will affect society, the country and the world. From a trivial small problem, gradually evolved into a big problem that will change the world. In order to avoid problems be hard to be solved, we should take measures right now. Through the analysis of the plot of Edward Scissorhands reveals the weakness in human nature in people's daily life and the influence it brings, hope the reader can have a deep thought about the weakness in human nature.finally, providing some practical ways for people to overcome the weakness in human nature.